About Rosie labs

We’re an international collective of start up mavens, rebels with a cause, and risk takers hailing from the corporate world. We got bored by the bureaucracy that stifled our creativity; spurring us to become obsessive entrepreneurs.

Our Goal is to efficiently deliver big ideas and unprecedented results in an agile environment - where shit can just get done.

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Who We Are

Together, Rosie Labs make up over 100  “obsessivepreneurial” creatives, strategists, producers and hybrids with vast experience across media planning, data analytics, social media, digital advertising, brand management, communications, and more. Our global team represents in the US, the UK, France, Switzerland, Israel, and beyond, delivering fast, effective results for a global clientele.

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Global Footprint with locations in UK, France, US and Israel.

Rosie Labs Leadership

David Song
David Song
Chief Executive Officer

David is the founder of Rosie Labs and the original ‘obsessivepreneur’. After a decade spent moving up the ranks in the advertising agency world where he drove pioneering (and award-winning) digital campaigns for prestigious brands like Coca Cola, P&G, JetBlue, Sony and more, he saw the inefficiencies of the agency model and refocused his talents to build a better alternative.

He launched Rosie Labs in 2008, and since, has been assembling teams of like-minded experts to do kick-ass work on behalf of inspiring and innovative companies.

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Melissa Gilmour
Melissa Gilmour
Managing Partner,
3.0 Practice

Melissa is Rosie Labs’  Web3 strategist, innovator, and connector. With nearly a decade of involvement in Web3 and blockchain innovation, she has crystalized her experience into supporting creators and brands. Her projects integrate blockchain, NFT tools, and tech to enhance their product, mission, or purpose for all stakeholders.

She is based in France and has worked on innovation and building startups in Europe and Asia from growth through IPO. Her Covid-19 lockdown hobby of collecting NFT art and supporting creators endures today through her award-winning NFT studio Lily & Piper.

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Ronit Druker
Ronit Druker
Managing Partner,

Ronit is a marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience building brands and developing strategies to lead companies such as CheckPoint Software Technologies (Nasdaq: CHKP), BlueSnap and Payoneer (Nasdaq: PAYO) from startup to the growth stage.

In her role as Managing Partner, EMEA, Ronit is leading Rosie Labs’ growth in new markets while delivering successful multi-channel marketing strategies and driving strong performance for clients in the region.

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Our Partners

We work with a collective of strategic partners for media creative, website development, e-commerce, and business planning.
Echo Design Lab
Lily & Piper
blue marble
human design

The Values that Drive Rosie Labs


We are obsessed with solving problems and working to predict the future…. we are obsessed with data and use it to shape the future.

Guided by Authenticity
& Transparency

It’s at our core. We believe in being “real” with our clients and our colleagues in order to build a system of trust and credibility. We share honest opinions without hidden agendas. We are driven by passion for our work.

For Diversity

Diversity goes beyond culture and identity for us; we cultivate our extensive network to include a wide range of experience and skill sets hailing from corporations, startups, agencies, and business owners.


Collaboration and open dialogue is a two-way street. All relationships require a foundation of mutual respect. We address challenges with diplomacy and respect. We offer solutions based on data.

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