Rosie Labs NFT is Going to the Dogs

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A Little Rosie Rosé Goes a Long Way

Rosie Labs' genesis drop is the Rosie Rosé collection, distributed on complimentary bottles of wine*. It embodies the spirit of Web3 innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. The Rosie Rosé NFT underscores Rosie Labs’ commitment to bridging the worlds of traditional marketing and Web3, while also embracing our values.

The Rosie Rosé NFT artwork features agency namesake Rosie Song, the late, beloved black labrador retriever of Rosie Labs’ founder David Song. Rosie was adopted in 2003 from a since-closed rescue in Boston. When Rosie passed away, David was so heartbroken that he moved to distance the agency from her name and memory. But a chance encounter on a New York City street during the Covid lockdown in 2020 would put a scrappy little pitbull literally in David’s path. On death’s door, little Mila still had the good fortune of being under the care of a rescuer named Carla Mohan, who was dedicated to finding forever homes for animals in the direst circumstances.

Fast forward to December of 2021, the Rosie Labs collective was moving head first into newer and bigger opportunities in Web3, and Carla had gone on to found the Near and Far Animal Foundation to continue her work. With the holidays approaching, Carla called on David to foster another challenging pup who was otherwise sure to meet a certain fate if left at a crowded shelter. When Stella arrived, something magical happened. David, Mila, and Stella formed an instant bond, and their collective challenges, troubles, and heartbreak faded away. David became a “foster failure,” texting Carla that Stella was home for good.

The memory of Rosie has given new life to Mila, Stella, David, and to Rosie Labs. Now collectors of Rosie Rosé NFTs can be part of the story. In celebration of the meaningful work done by the Near and Far Animal Foundation, Rosie Labs will contribute $5 of every Rosie Labs NFT claimed from the marketplace.

*Wine provided in collaboration with Vinotopia Wine

Vinotopia Wine

Vinotopia Wine is a modern and independent wine merchant, based in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK. They specialize in sourcing carefully selected wines from small, independent vineyards and boutique wineries to offer unique wine-buying and tasting experiences and sensible prices. Their team is passionate about wine and provides service and expert insight that goes beyond the bottle, ensuring each customer has a rewarding and enjoyable buying experience. Vinotopia's unique offerings include a member wine club, and special events and tastings.

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